Project Timetable

TaskCompletion Date
Preliminary Engineering8/3/2011
Environmental Clearance4/16/2012
Geotechnical Investigations/Draft Foundation Report11/18/2011
35% Plans and Estimate Submittal to County, Bridge Type Selection Report3/14/2012
Traffic Handling Design (Detour)3/14/2012
35% Plans and Estimate Submittal to Caltrans, Bridge Type Selection Report3/30/2012
Utility Coordination/Design3/1/2014

Right of Way6/2014
Bridge Design & Detailing11/16/2012
65% Plan, Specifications and Estimate11/16/2012

Independent Bridge Check7/1/2013
95% Plans, Specifications & Estimate9/13/2013

Final PS&E Package10/16/2014
Prepare Construction Authorization Request10/16//2014
Caltrans Approval & Issuance of E-76

County Advertise & Award

April 2015
Contractor Mobilization

May 2015
Construction Complete

Nov 2015