Structure and Members

Plumas Watershed Forum

Participants & Structure

Watershed Forum - Voting Members

Plumas County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
The Plumas County Board of Supervisors is the Board of Directors of the Flood Control District

State Water Contractors
Represented by three contractor agencies:
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California- Kevin Donhoff
Solano County Water Agency - David Okita
Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District - Tom Hurlbutt

California Department of Water Resources
Represented by:
State Water Project Analysis Office- Rob Cooke
Nancy Quan (Alternate) 

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) 

The Technical Advisory Committee is made up of interested individuals who have enough knowledge and time to review proposals; primarily these individuals are from agency and non-profit groups with jurisdiction or interest in the watershed. TAC members make recommendations to the CORE TAC, which is comprised of Forum members. Interested individuals may submit a letter of introductionincluding name, affiliation, and contact information to the Plumas County Flood Control District.

TAC attendees from Plumas County:

John Schramel—Feather River RCD
Dan Martynn—USDA –NRCS
Jim Wilcox—Feather River CRM
Joe Hoffman—Plumas National Forest
Angela Dillingham—U.S. Forest Service (Beckwourth)
John Sheehan—Plumas Corporation
Holly George—U.C. Cooperative Extension
Burkhard Bohm—Plumas Geohydrology
Lori Powers—CA Dept. of Fish & Game (Portola)
Lorena Gorbet—Maidu Cultural & Development Group

TAC attendees from Sierra County

Carl Genasci—Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District

TAC attendees from Department of Water Resources

Nancy Quan
Katy Spanos
Fraser Sime
Todd Hillaire

TAC attendees from State Water Contractors

Allison Dvorak

TAC attendees from California Regional Water Quality Control Board

Dennis Heiman