Stewardship Council

Stewardship Council

The Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council (Stewardship Council) was established in 2004 following the settlement of PG&E's bankruptcy and is responsible for the disposition and conservation of PG&E's watershed lands. There are a number of planning units in the Feather River region, and the Bucks Lake Planning Unit is one of four pilot projects in the state that are the first areas to go through the development of a final Land Conservation and Conveyance Plan.

More information on the Stewardship Council and the Feather River planning units is available on the Stewardship Council website.

Bucks Lake - Updated 3/28/11

A proposal team consisting of Enterprise Rancheria, Greenville Rancheria, and Plumas County submitted a Land Stewardship Proposal for Bucks Lake. The proposal team is in discussions with Stewardship Council staff to further develop the proposal for consideration by the Stewardship Council's Planning Committee.

Feather River Planning Units - Updated 3/28/11

Humbug Valley - The Maidu Summit Consortium and the California Department of Fish and Game submitted competing proposals to obtain fee title donation of the lands available in Humbug Valley. The Stewardship Council's planning committee has requested additional information on the proposals before making any recommendations to the board of directors.

Lake Almanor - Bailey Creek - The Stewardship Council has given approval to move forward with the donation of PG&E lands at the mouth of Bailey Creek to Plumas County. The Stewardship Council and Plumas County will be seeking to negotiate mutually agreeable terms to allow the transaction to move forward.

Lake Almanor - The Maidu Summit Consortium has submitted a proposal seeking fee title to all other lands available for donation at Lake Almanor. The Stewardship Council has not yet taken action on the proposal.

Bucks Lake Land Stewardship Proposal (PDF)