Encroachment & Transportation Fees

Encroachment Permit Fees
Residential Driveway Encroachment$117.00
Commercial Driveway Encroachment$150.00
Utility Repair (Minor)1$108.00
Major Utility Project2,3$500.00 Deposit billed at $65.80/hour*,4
Special Events$0.00
Tree Removal Permit$117.00
Permit Administrator Inspection$65.80/hr.*
Engineer Inspection$72.63/hr.*
Transportation Permit Fees
Single Trip Transportation Permit$20.00
Blanket Transportation Permit$10.00
Site Inspection$67.28/hr.*

* Time spent reviewing these applications varies considerably. The fee is a minimum deposit billed against an hourly rate. The actual hourly rate may vary depending on the classification of the employee performing the service. Vehicle travel is an additional cost in addition to the employee's hourly rate costs.

1- Fee does not apply to utility special districts

2 - This fee varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. To accommodate these variations, the fee will be calculated at an hourly rate with a $500.00 initial deposit. This fee applies to special district projects that solicit bids from contractors.

3 - Additional inspection fees are assessed during the inspection phase.

4 - A deposit will be collected at the time the application fee is accepted.

  • The Public Works Department shall keep records of the time and expenses incurred in the processing of the encroachment permit and charge on a time and material basis. The applicant shall deposit with the County $500.00 for each utility project submitted. These monies will be deposited in a special account, from which the County will draw sums to cover the costs associated with the cost of processing the encroachment permit.
  • As expenses are incurred, the Public Works Department shall provide to the applicant with an invoice detailing the work performed and the time spent by its staff or outside consultants on such work, together with the hourly rates charged by individuals performing the work. The invoice amount shall not exceed the actual cost to the Public Works Department to provide the work described.
  • The County may withdraw funds from the fund's deposits in the special account in the amount of each invoice. If it appears likely the deposit made by the applicant will be exhausted, the Public Works Department shall provide the applicant with a new estimate of the cost to complete the processing of the application.
  • The applicant shall replenish the special account in the amount of such new estimate within fifteen (15) days. Applicant's failure to make payment shall be deemed a withdrawal or abandonment of the application, but such withdrawal or abandonment shall not relieve the applicant of the obligation to pay for work done by the County in response to the application or to wind up work as a result of withdrawal or abandonment.

The fee schedule was last updated on October 7, 2018.