Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquake Preparedness

On Thursday May 23, 2013, Plumas County experienced a 5.7 magnitude earthquake near Canyon Dam, near the southern end of Lake Almanor. For more information, please click on the links below.


May 24, 2013 - Morning Report (PDF)
May 24, 2013 - Evening Report (PDF)
May 25, 2013 - Evening Report (PDF)
May 26, 2013 - Evening Report (PDF)
May 28, 2013 - Evening Report (PDF)
May 31, 2013 - Evening Report (PDF)

Proclamation of Emergency


If you have had any damage to your home, please complete the Plumas Earthquake Survey 2013 (PDF) and return it to Plumas County Office of Emergency Services as soon as possible. It is very important for people who have property damage or property loss to report it. OES will be keeping track of the total loss for the county so that it can be reported to the state.

y ground deformation we notice. A damaged home in West Almanor will be reported to USGS as a possible example. Also, if there are reports of new water sources or springs where there were none before, USGS would be interested in gathering this information as well. Below is information on liquefaction.


A process by which water-saturated sediment temporarily loses strength and acts as a fluid, like when you wiggle your toes in the wet sand near the water at the beach. This effect can be caused by earthquake shaking.

Liquefaction Flash Animation

Sand ejected through a crack forming a series of sand boils along the railroad tracks adjacent to Deschutes Parkway in Olympia. (Photo courtesy of Geomatrix)

Link to LA Times article and the USGS earthquake probability forecasts.


Plumas Earthquake Survey 2013 (PDF)
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Plumas National Forest Fire Information
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California Emergency Management Agency
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