Portola-McClears Guardrail Project

Portola McClears Road (A-15) Safety Improvement Project

The Plumas County Department of Public Works proposes to construct safety improvements of the guardrail and shoulders along Portola-McClears Road (County Route A-15) between State Highway 89 and Portola. The improvements will be implemented at three locations. At two locations, improvements will include replacement of existing guardrail, installation of new guardrail, and construction of paved and gravel shoulders. At the third location, improvements will include extension of an existing culvert, construction of concrete headwalls and placement of rock slope protection (RSP).

Project Location

The proposed improvements will be implemented at three separate locations along Portola McClears Road (A-15) between 1.6 and 6.7 mi southeast of the City of Portola, in Plumas County (see Figure 1). Portola McClears Road runs from the Mohawk Valley at SR 89 north to the City of Portola for a distance of 7.11 miles.

McClears Project Map.jpg


Location A – PM 0.70-1.4: Location A_thumb.jpg


This project includes replacement of 800 lineal feet (lf) of existing guardrail and installation of approximately 4,700 lf of new guardrail. Ground-disturbing activities will include installation of wooden posts via hydraulic ram or within a drilled hole.

IMG_20150731_132744485 reduced.jpg

A section of the newly installed guard rail

Location B – PM 1.6-2.3:Location B_thumb.jpg

LOCATION B This project includes construction of 4-foot wide paved shoulders and 2-foot wide gravel shoulders. Ground-disturbing activities will include excavation of 1 foot (ft) deep by 6 ft wide sections in order to construct the new shoulders

IMG_0839 reduced.jpg

Completed shoulder work

Location C – PM 5.8:Location C_thumb.jpg

LOCATION C This project consists of extending the inlet and outlet of the existing 48-inch culvert by approximately 4 feet (including construction of concrete headwalls) to accommodate construction of 4-foot wide gravel shoulders. Ground-disturbing activities will include grading in the channel to install the new culvert sections and placement of fill once the culvert has been extended. Portions of the banks and channel will also be lined with RSP.

IMG_0865 reduced.jpg

Completed work at the culvert.

Purpose of and Need for Project

The project scope of work provides for a reduction of the potential accident severity of injuries and damage that result from "run-off-road" and "overturn" type accidents. With the development of subdivisions along the road traffic accidents increased with the overwhelming majority being classified as "run off the road" involving injuries. The intent of this project is to provide new or upgraded road safety features to lessen the potential for these types of accidents.

Work is expected to occur in the Fall of 2012.

Project Consultant

LSA Associates, Inc., from Rocklin is the environmental consultant for this project.