Green Waste Recycling

Chester Area

Collins Pine is no longer accepting green waste from the public.

Lassen Power is no longer under contract to Plumas County, and has closed its operation at Westwood.

Chester Transfer Station1 accepts green waste as MSW.

Greenville Area

Greenville Transfer Station1 will accept green waste at regular MSW rates.

Quincy/East Quincy Area

Quincy Transfer Stationaccepts green waste as MSW.

Graeagle Area

Graeagle Transfer Station1 accepts green waste (no pine needles) as MSW.

Delleker Area

Delleker Transfer Station1 accepts green waste as MSW.

Environmental Reclamation Center (ERC) @ Portola Landfill  April 1st - September 30th, Saturday's 2pm-4pm

LaPorte Area

Unknown – no County facility accepts green waste.

1 Green waste accepted as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) at a transfer station is not diverted as a recyclable or reusable commodity and therefore remains in the waste stream. Payment is required for disposal of green waste or any other MSW at a transfer station.